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TeaCoin is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Zetacoin.

  • Teacoin (TEA)
  • SHA-256
  • No Premine
  • Block target: 30 seconds
  • Difficulty re-targets every 4 blocks based on last 90 blocks
  • Block reward: 1000 TEA, halving every 20160 blocks
  • not dropping below 1 TEA
  • Total coin supply: 40.3 million TEA + yearly inflation
  • 40 million coins will be mined in around 4 months
  • Thereafter around 1 million per year (inflationary)


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Mining Pools

Mining is very critical to keeping the blockchain healthy. Please mine Teacoin it will help continue its growth and success for many years to come.

Shop & Discounts

Trade your TeaCoin for goods or get some good discounts.

  • LazyLeafTea - UK shoppers get a 10% discount on Tea use coupon code "TeaCoin"

Free TeaCoin

Learn how to get free TEA.


The idea came to me when I was sipping a cup of tea.

What is it? Where are we at now? Where is it heading?

TeaCoin is a CryptoCurrency like a Bitcoin, Litecoin or DogeCoin. It is decentralized and all transactions are recorded in the blockchain that acts like a public ledger. When you download the TeaCoin client to your computer. You are downloading all of the transactions ever created. You can see this for yourself. Send a TeaCoin to a friend and then go and look at the TeaCoin Blockchain you will see the transactions appear.

The goal of TeaCoin is simple. We want to tap into the tea and coffee markets. Trade TeaCoin for tea and then buy more tea from wholesale tea distributors that accept TeaCoin.

However, TeaCoin is still in it's infant stages. It's more important to market and make everyone aware of TeaCoin. Just the same way people became aware of Bitcoin and DogeCoin.

Remember it took years for Bitcoin to reach its amazing value it is today. When Bitcoin first reached exchanges it was trading for under 10 cents. TeaCoin compared to Bitcoin has lots of potential to grow.

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